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Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs

We provide amazing landscaping and interior designing as per requirement. Our interior designing team will artistically and aesthetically design your home as per your budget and requirement. After detailed drawing and estimations, the interior works are executed with perfection by our team.

Our designing teams are well aware about the changing trends in the interior designing and can advise our clients about the changes and current style and trends and by incorporating the ideas they can truly convert their home into a dream living space. Our designer will present designs which are easy, economical and created specifically for you and your space. We make interior designing practical, cost effective and effective.

Office Interiors

SDB HOMES create office interiors that work and custom-designed office interiors that work specifically for you. The interior professionals at SDB HOMES always begin the task of interior decoration by asking the right questions to its clients. This helps them to determine the exact office culture, priorities and business needs that appear to be quintessential in designing any office interior. This analysis of the interior needs thus ensures that these designers make optimal us of the light, material, space and services.

The right interior design of a company speaks volumes of the image the company is willing to project. The offices that we design work for you. These exclusive offices are designed and decorated in accordance with the clients need today as well as for tomorrow.

Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs

home interior designers in Cochin

Villa Interiors

SDB HOMES is a full-service interior design company offering its esteemed clients based in Kerala with exclusive villa interior design that is beautifully set up to make you feel at home and totally relaxed. SDB HOMES is a group of highly renowned and skilled interior designers and decorators offering exclusive state-of-the-art villa interior design services. These exclusive villas are so designed to perfection to become the epitome of luxurious living. These villas are so design in respect to the personal taste and likeness of each client.

Villa is most often described as a brilliantly stunning home. The interior design experts at SDB HOMES leave no stones unturned to provide the very best in interior design to create the most exotic homes to their esteemed clientele in the cities of Kerala.

Kitchen Interiors

An integral part of any home interior designing and decorating is the Kitchen design, an essential space for food preparation and cooking in any household. SDB HOMES interior design team are extremely prolific in providing interior designing and decorating solutions to clients based in Kerala. Its modular kitchen space design and decorations is in accordance to the client’s personal taste and choice. SDB HOMES has a very proficient team of designers who plan out all activities in the kitchen area along with accommodating spaces for various household appliances. Among our exclusive designs, we have classic kitchen designs, modern kitchen designs and various other kitchen design and decoration customized to the client’s needs and taste.

Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs

Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs

Bedroom Interiors

SDB HOMES is a team of highly prolific interior designers and decorators who custom design bedroom spaces for its clients in Kerala that is bound in creativity yet has a distinct personality. The home interior designs are distinct and diverse, whether you are looking to create a bedroom space for a bachelor, family bedroom or bedroom for children. The bedroom designs are intricate with class and elegance in selecting furniture, space design or creating of aesthetic storing systems.

The bedrooms have very clearly divided spaces that seemingly integrate to create an ambience which is both relaxing and luxurious in nature. Our interior design sensibilities always exude a large degree of functionality both in design, planning and execution of their prolific interior designs.

Bathroom Interiors

SDB HOMES are home interior designers who create bathrooms that have an aesthetic standard. The bathrooms designs and decorations are all about organic colors, vivid spaces, original storage solutions, along with miniature fountains, designer showers as well as bubble baths. These are designed as per the client's interest. Their fantastic range of customized bathroom designs offers its clients a variety of options, choice and ideas to bring an aesthetic, soothing and designer bathroom experience into their homes.

The bathroom design work dynamics that they keep in mind are the creation, planning and execution of the bathroom which has both ambiance as well as function. They are proficient in planning, designing and executing exclusive bathroom design that are in accordance to the client’s personal taste and needs.

Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs

Office, home, interior designers in Cochin, Modular kitchen cabinet designs


Staircases have become an important design element to accentuate the interior of today’s contemporary homes. Today’s staircases are well-thought after and often designed using a variety of dynamic materials, beautiful designs, and colors. Staircase design and decoration can successfully create a whole new and designer dimension in home interiors.

The innovatively designed steps by the interior decorators are sure to take your breath away. The interior designers at SDB HOMES make these designer staircases in accordance to the individual choice of clients. The designer staircases are carefully conceptualized and executed after understanding the individual likeness and preferred style of the clients. The staircase so designed is carefully integrated with the rest of the interior of the house.