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Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala


With years of experience and expertise in the field of construction, Shalom builders have emerged as one of the leading and specialized building contractors offering design and construction of residential buildings and complexes in Kerala. We offer construction services at competitive prices that fit the clients budget.

With our uncompromising approach to quality, our company uses only quality construction material such as cement, rods, bricks and electric equipments in the construction and designing of our buildings. We offer a lifestyle of luxury and elegance with creativity. We are focused on offering High Quality homes at affordable costs. We always remained attentive on the civil engineers team that works with us. With the team of experienced and committed team of engineers and architects we can confidently assure the finest dream homes to our clients.

Interior Designing

We provide amazing landscaping and interior designing as per requirement. Our interior designing team will artistically and aesthetically design your home as per your budget and requirement. After detailed drawing and estimations, the interior works are executed with perfection by our team.

Our designing teams are well aware about the changing trends in the interior designing and can advise our clients about the changes and current style and trends and by incorporating the ideas they can truly convert their home into a dream living space. Our designer will present designs which are easy, economical and created specifically for you and your space. We make interior designing practical, cost effective and effective.

Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala

Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala

Exterior Designing

Our exterior designer provides extensive exterior design solutions that best suits for the clients. Adding features like a small home garden in the front of the home, or a gravel driveway can make the design of any home more appealing. Exterior home decorating is as important as interior decorating.

A home is not beautiful until it is beautiful from both outside and inside. It is the exteriors that will give a visitor the first impression on how the interiors are going to be. There are certain portions of the exteriors that once laid are expensive and difficult to relay. At a certain point in the construction of your house, work will take place simultaneously in the interior and exterior of the house.


Our services include the renovation of various projects including commercial spaces and the residential building such as Houses and villas. If renovation is needed in your home or part of your home, we can rebuild it or fix it. Perhaps it’s opening up walls to create a more open concept for family and friends to gather. Or it may mean remodeling a bathroom or kitchen, it’s our job to fix and maintain our customer's homes to enhance and increase their quality of life in it.

The various issues regarding the projects are also effectively handled by appropriate repairing service team. We have our expert technician to handle the repairing and the renovation of the buildings. They provide all kinds of feasible solution to the issues involved in the repairing and effectively handles the repairing service.

Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala

Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala

Modular Kitchen Cabinets

The kitchen cabinet is light in weight and can easily be transported. In the traditional family, kitchen settings liven up any well built home. SDB Homes can design and build a well evolved kitchen with enduring standards, which are ready for use, that perfectly suit your requirements and adds beauty to your kitchen space.

For upgrading the design and components of your existing kitchen, SDB HOMES makes the process of creating your kitchen easy. Right from design to installation, our team of kitchen experts will take you step-by-step to realize your dream into a reality. The priority that we always keep is customer satisfaction, through innovative and efficient design, world-class quality and excellent craftsmanship.


Our amazing selection sets us apart from the competition, but it’s our personalized flooring services that creates regular customers out of first-time clients. We believe in providing quality materials, excellent customer service, and an expert team of installers that specialize in all types of flooring and custom work. This, along with our desire for customer satisfaction, are just some of the reasons why our business has continued to expand year after year. We have provided our expert flooring knowledge and expertise, for individuals as well as commercial contractors on contracts of all sizes.

When it comes to flooring, there is no other flooring company in our service area that can provide the superior level of services offered by SDB HOMES. We are eager to serve you, and look forward to helping you create your "new space."

Residential and commercial interior designers in Cochin, Kerala